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Guide to Cabo San Lucas for Young Travelers

When a group of friends decides to vacation in Mexico, they will usually go to places like Cancun or Tijuana. They don’t usually think of Cabo San Lucas since it’s known as a family vacationing spot fit for all ages. But what they don’t know is that there’s so much for younger people to experience. From lying quietly on the beach, all the way to exciting taking ATV tours and horseback riding on the beach, this place has it all. Most likely, the excitement won’t end until dawn since there is a wide variety of night life, including dance clubs like El Squid Row or the famous Cabo Wabo. Almost all these places accept American dollars, traveler’s checks, and an array of major credit cards, so there’s no need to learn the conversion rates.

The beaches at Cabo San Lucas range from completely secluded to completely packed with excitement. Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals are also available at a moment’s notice. Families may want to Playa Medano to sit on the beach and watch the people while a young couple may choose to take the short boat ride over to Playa del Amor, or lover’s beach. Anything you can do in Hawaii, you can do in Cabo. The water is perfect for surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, and anything else one can think of on the water. Even whale watching is available for those Free Willy fans out there. Even if water isn’t your thing, Cabo San Lucas still has loads to offer. You can check out the restaurant opened by the rock band, Van Halen, or experience the local glass blowing shops. Fishing is also ideal. A short note must be mentioned here about the shopping. The Cuban cigars, along with designer wear are all sold at duty free prices. Needless to say, the prices are more than attractive.

Another reason to vacation here at Cabo is that they force you relax. It’s a daily tradition to take a siesta there and no one else will be awake if you decided not to nap.

If the ordinary hustle and bustle of a regular hotel doesn’t appeal to someone’s tastes, there are always the famous Cabo San Lucas villas that all have beautiful views of the ocean. They are private, spacious villas, and since there are over 70 different types, one will surely fit anyone’s budget. These are fully equipped with chef prepared meals, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing trip with your significant other or you’re looking to party your heart out, Cabo San Lucas is the place for it all.

Vacation Rentals: How to Hunt for the Best Deals

In the past there was really only one way or two ways to search out those really good deals for vacation rentals. You could rely on the advice of a travel agent, or you could send off for brochures and wait for them to come back in the mail. There were some disadvantages to both methods. Travel agents often had arrangements with certain resorts and were more interested in getting you there than they were in finding the absolute best deal. Brochures took time to arrive and generally were not going to give you all the information you were seeking.

We are lucky now though. We live in the age of the internet. There has to already be a million really good uses for the internet and now we can add one more. The web is the best place to hunt for the best deals in vacation rentals. Almost every location where vacation rentals can be found is going to have its own web site. The site will give you all the information that you need to make your choice. It is like having a full size brochure on every possible choice all at the same time.

When you are ready to begin your hunt, you can start by making a list of your requirements. How many people are going to be with you and what are there ages? What is the maximum amount in your vacation budget to pay for your vacation rental? What time of the year will you be taking your vacation? These are some of the questions you should have answered in advance. Then simply put your destination into a search engine and start comparing.

To get an idea of how much information is available to us by the internet search method, I picked the resort area of Cabo San Lucas as an experiment. I was searching for the best deals on Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals or Cabo San Lucas villas. I was pleased to discover that not only did most of the lodgings have websites, but also there were sites operated by the Mexican equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce, as well as some private sites that listed and linked me to the individual sites. In a short time, I was able to prepare a list of rental sites that matched the needs list I had prepared, and were well within my budget. Once I had a list of potential sites, it was time for that visit to the travel agent or to begin contacting the rental sites me. The internet is a powerful tool for this kind of comparison shopping and it is the best way to hunt out those really good deals.

A Brief History of the Republic of Panama

Panama has a long and rich history. There have been people living in Panama for over twelve thousand years. These native populations excelled in pottery making and were well known for their burial sites. Around the start of the sixteenth century, Rodrigo de Bastidas became the first European to claim part of Panama’s Caribbean coast. A year later, Christopher Columbus arrived in Panama. He explored the territories in the Western part of Panama and drew maps of the area by hand. Later, Balboa would also arrive in Panama and confirm that there was another coast of Panama. He would call the ocean that he saw the South Sea, which later became known as the Pacific Ocean.

Once it was known that there was another ocean and it could be accessed through Panama, the country began to grow as an economic force. This was good for the Spanish but proved to be devastating for the natives who had lived on Panama for thousands of years. The Spanish controlled Panama for over 300 years, during which much of the native population was wiped out. By the middle of the 18th century, Panama’s status as an economic stronghold had diminished. It was easier to take other routes to the oceans rather than going through Panama. There was also a pirate presence in the area which made it a less than popular choice for merchants to travel to and from. In 1821, Panama became part of Columbia.

One of the most important historical events in Panama was the building of the Panama Canal. Construction of the canal started in the late 1800’s but was stopped because over twenty thousand workers died from yellow fever within five years. Around this time, one of the investors on the project made a deal with the United States regarding the canal. In 1903, Panama declared itself as an independent country and separated from Columbia. The United States agreed to assist with the construction of the canal provided that they were given rights on both sides of the canal. President Theodore Roosevelt set into motion the “Panama Doctrine” which, in part, eliminated the mosquitoes which carried yellow fever and malaria. The United States was key in creating and protecting the canal which became strategically important during World War II.

Panama today continues to grow in its economic status and the quality of life for its citizens. Panama’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, and the Panama real estate market has grown as beachfront properties have become in high demand. Tourism also is growing in places such as Bocas del Toro where attractions and beaches bring in many people looking to enjoy a Panama beach vacation.

Practical tips for Planning a Spring Family Vacation

When it comes to taking trips, you need to plan ahead of time to make sure you take care of everything before you head to the airport. Begin by gathering as much information about your desired travel destination as you can. You want to check out things such as what the weather, customs, and culture is like and what you can expect to see. You should also know a few basics of the native language such as yes, no, help, thank you, and a few other important key words.

If you have access to the internet to perform these searches you will have a much easier time, but you still can gather details and information from other sources such as traveling agencies. When you are planning to travel you need to find out the destination area’s required documentation which generally includes passports, tourists’ cards, and visas. In some areas if there is only one parent traveling with their child then you must have a notarized letter from the parent that isn’t present that states that you have their consent to travel.

You should take some cash with you but not too much in case something happens. You should have a few forms such as credit cards, ATM cards, as well as travelers’ checks. Many countries have ATM machines available which makes it easy for you to grab cash as you need it. A word to the wise, stay away from currency exchange at hotels because they usually have the highest exchange rates.

Many people forget until they begin packing their bags to make sure they have enough travel luggage for their entire family. If you are one of those families that travel often, then you shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to purchasing reliable, quality luggage, such as Samsonite.

Samsonite is known around the world as being one the leaders in travel luggage. It is extremely durable and won’t wear after going through the airline’s beating, as well as our own dragging though the airport. For children you are able to find child size travel luggage that is a nice load off of your shoulders and makes them feel like they are a grown up.

If you have children you should bring a separate carry on bag for each child that includes a change of clothes, books, coloring supplies, small soundless toys, headphones, batteries, snacks, and a water bottle. These small items will come in handy when you are stuck on a plane or in an airport where everything is triple priced.

The Myths and Facts about Nudism

Scientists have a general idea about when humans first started wearing clothes. They draw their conclusions from genetic studies of the common body louse. The body louse feeds on humans but needs clothing to infest in order to do so. The studies show that humans first began to wear clothes some 72,000 years ago. That is give or take 42,000 years, so it is not exactly pinpointed. The human has existed in it present form, homo sapiens, for around 200,000 years, so the numbers show that most likely for more than half the existence of our species, we all were nudists. A nudist is, of course, a person who does not wear clothes.

In those early days, most humans lived in warm climates and there is some indications that they were much hairy than they are today. It was only when they began migrating to colder climates that clothes were first worn and even then it was not modesty, but warmth that was the motivation. Even as we became civilized and in the time of recorded history, the attitude about nudism was much different. In ancient Greece, for example, the habit of nudity was so common that even our word, gymnasium, comes from the Greek word, gymnos, which means nude. This came about because nudity in athletic events was common and accepted. Nudism as a cultural issue exists in only a few scattered and primitive tribes in the Amazon basin or remote Pacific Islands and these few remaining hold outs are under relentless pressure to get dressed.

Today, in what are called nudist colonies, or nudist resorts, people are selectively removing most of all of their clothing. This has led to some myths about nudity, or naturalism, as it is sometime called. One such myth is that nudity is immoral. The reason is seen as sexual in nature. It may be thought of as erotic or pornographic, but still sexual. In fact, nudist do not see themselves as either voyeurs, people who have a prurient interest in seeing naked bodies, or exhibitionists, people who have a prurient interest in being seen naked. In fact, the truth is that most nudists view it as a natural state and our purest form. They state we are born naked, so how can it be evil to be naked? They also extol the health benefits. The exposure to sunlight is good in that it leads to the production of vitamin D in the body. On the other hand, our increased knowledge of the causes of skin cancer has led sun block to be part of the nudist’s equipment.

Nudism is practice in many forms today. Nudist beaches are quite popular as are nudist vacations on either public or private land. The movement has several divisions of a philosophical nature within the lifestyle. One of the main ones being between the “clothes optional” and the “nudity required” subgroups.

Plan a Honeymoon in a Private Villa

When celebrities get married and go on a honeymoon, they most often stay in private villas. You may think this is something that only the fabulously wealth can afford, but that is simply not the case.

Spending your honeymoon in a private villa can be more affordable than you think. Like any other accommodations, there is quite a range of prices depending on the size and amenities of the location.

Planning a honeymoon in a private villa is often not difficult. This is because most villas offer some sort of package deal where you can get food service, as well as tour guides to take you around the area. Tuscany villas are some of the most beautiful in the world, as they combine beautiful historical architecture with all of the modern amenities.

In fact, picking what amenities are important to you is pretty much the hardest decision you will need to make when planning your villa honeymoon. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many amenities are available to you when you stay in a private villa. Villas in Tuscany often feature private pools, historical furnishings, and beautiful views. If you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll find villas that are located near the water, skiing or golf courses. Of course, the activities will vary depending on where you stay, as Tuscany villa rentals might offer things that villas in another area may not.

You will want to decide whether you want maid service and whether you plan to utilize a chef to prepare your meals. Some villas come with kitchens that you can use, while others might just have a fridge or microwave. If you require any accommodations such as handicap access, make sure you call ahead or check with your travel agency to make sure your needs are met. Some villas allow you to bring your pets while others do not. If you are a smoker, you’ll want to check on the smoking policy of the villa as well. Do you need to get online while you are away? Check into what internet access is available.

Once you have an idea of the activities you want to do and the amenities you need, you can start looking at pictures of various villas. Villas vary greatly both in size and in the number of people they will accommodate. For this reason, they are good for private honeymoons as well as housing large families. If you have a destination wedding, you might consider renting a villa for your guests and then a separate one for you and your spouse. Either way, staying in a villa can offer you unmatched privacy and exquisite accommodations in a beautiful setting. It will help provide the perfect start to your new life together.

Natalie Aranda

Christmas season is just around the corner, but planning holiday travel is not just a wintertime matter. Holidays occur throughout the year and you will have more than one opportunity of getting your luggage ready and planning a trip.

However, when it comes to holiday travel, the sooner you begin jotting down your desired destination and associated activities, the more successful your travel will be.

One of the missing items in most travel plan lists is reviewing your tote bags, briefcases, and trunks; you can come across with a fact: you may need to renew your luggage.

Samsonite luggage is durable and yet fashionable, with a full collection of styles matching anyone’s criteria. Put on the top of your holiday travel list a visit to your local mall, or browse Samsonite’s online catalogs to find its complete line of products.

If your travel involves air traveling, another of the priorities in your holiday travel list is determining your travel dates. Even though you can leave anytime, wise planning will help you save in both headaches and services fares.

In fact, the next item on the list is finding the best accommodations and airline fares, based on your lifestyle. You can allow yourself luxury transportation and loading, but if you enjoy the simplest things in life, choosing facilities accordingly allows you to save money for more day of fun.

When travel by road, jot down an approximation of the cost and review if there is enough space in your car for luggage, otherwise add the accessories for transporting your bags.

Weather hazards can be a problem when transporting your items on a car’s roof basket carrier, however, weather is not a problem if you are using Samsonite luggage, which has specific models for when climate conditions have to be kept in mind.

Holiday travel is fun when you have a well-designed plan, including the destination cities that you and your family are wanting to visit, but also a list of activities and attraction to visit once getting there.

Traveling abroad requires additional planning, learning more about entry and exit rules to the country where you are going. Luggage may undergo special inspection at the airport where sometimes it is checked with intense x-ray process.

Samsonite luggage can pass this type of checking without causing the colors or materials to deteriorate, whether you choice fabrics, vinyl or leather, and also protecting your belonging as well.

Food costs must not be left out when you are setting up your holiday travel list, because if you are planning a budget vacation, restaurants can ruin your plans. Doing research in advance and using a tour guidebook with alternate destinations to your plans is a good practice for wonderful holiday times, particularly during the last months of the year.

America’s Top 3 Luggage Brands

When it comes to picking the ideal luggage, there are many options ranging from different prices, colors, materials, and styles. However, there is nothing more disappointing than the experience of getting cheap bags that will only last through a few trips.

Buying luggage with your vacation in mind is not the only think to consider before going shopping. Your bags need to be durable, affordable and have style, such that you can find with Samsonite luggage.

Quality is crucial to the survival of your luggage through all the handling it will endure during holiday times so buying your set of bags from one of the top luggage brands in America is an investment not an expenditure.

Samsonite luggage is one of the leading brands worldwide, along with American Tourister, and Victorinox, the renowned manufacturer of the Swiss knife that almost any household in the world has.

Buying the top America’s brand guarantee your luggage set will withstand any event during your vacations, just keep in mind where are you going to and determine the size and quantity of luggage you may need.

American Tourister is the way to go to enjoy the spirit of pride reigning in the United States. Under this brand you can find luggage collections with suggestive names such as American Tourister Tribute, and American Tourister iLite American Set.

There are also premium collections including carry-on expandable upright or spinner luggage sets, similar to those available through the Samsonite luggage collection.

Victorinox is a brand that offers the “Carry with Confidence” guarantee that covers airline damage. The guarantee itself speaks aloud the quality found in each luggage set.

Keeping with the adventurer style, all the collection has suggestive names such as Victorinox Swiss Army NXT Luggage, Victorinox Swiss Army Werks Traveler, Victorinox Swiss Army Lingo, and Victorinox Swiss Army Adventure Gear.

However, Samsonite luggage is the top American brand and the favorite worldwide. Samsonite luggage has a motto that summarizes its popularity and durability: “Samsonite worldproof.”

Samsonite luggage mixes quality with style and reliability, matching any budget with a large collection that includes, among others, the Samsonite Pro-DLX, Samsonite Aspire Lite, Samsonite Silhouette 9, Samsonite F’Lite, Samsonite X’ion, and the Samsonite Signature Series.

Now, that you know about the top brands in America, determine your budget and find a reputable luggage store to buy your set. Keep in mind expandability and the requirements of heavy-duty wheels that you might need depending on the place to go.

Make sure that your luggage size fits the requirements of airlines and get only the approved carry-on size if you need to take a plane to enjoy your vacation.

Whether Samsonite luggage or any other brand, your bags should also have the possibility of expanding or accommodating additional items in case you decide to continue with a longer trip.