Guide to Cabo San Lucas for Young Travelers

When a group of friends decides to vacation in Mexico, they will usually go to places like Cancun or Tijuana. They don’t usually think of Cabo San Lucas since it’s known as a family vacationing spot fit for all ages. But what they don’t know is that there’s so much for younger people to experience. From lying quietly on the beach, all the way to exciting taking ATV tours and horseback riding on the beach, this place has it all. Most likely, the excitement won’t end until dawn since there is a wide variety of night life, including dance clubs like El Squid Row or the famous Cabo Wabo. Almost all these places accept American dollars, traveler’s checks, and an array of major credit cards, so there’s no need to learn the conversion rates.

The beaches at Cabo San Lucas range from completely secluded to completely packed with excitement. Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals are also available at a moment’s notice. Families may want to Playa Medano to sit on the beach and watch the people while a young couple may choose to take the short boat ride over to Playa del Amor, or lover’s beach. Anything you can do in Hawaii, you can do in Cabo. The water is perfect for surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, and anything else one can think of on the water. Even whale watching is available for those Free Willy fans out there. Even if water isn’t your thing, Cabo San Lucas still has loads to offer. You can check out the restaurant opened by the rock band, Van Halen, or experience the local glass blowing shops. Fishing is also ideal. A short note must be mentioned here about the shopping. The Cuban cigars, along with designer wear are all sold at duty free prices. Needless to say, the prices are more than attractive.

Another reason to vacation here at Cabo is that they force you relax. It’s a daily tradition to take a siesta there and no one else will be awake if you decided not to nap.

If the ordinary hustle and bustle of a regular hotel doesn’t appeal to someone’s tastes, there are always the famous Cabo San Lucas villas that all have beautiful views of the ocean. They are private, spacious villas, and since there are over 70 different types, one will surely fit anyone’s budget. These are fully equipped with chef prepared meals, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing trip with your significant other or you’re looking to party your heart out, Cabo San Lucas is the place for it all.

A Brief History of the Republic of Panama

Panama has a long and rich history. There have been people living in Panama for over twelve thousand years. These native populations excelled in pottery making and were well known for their burial sites. Around the start of the sixteenth century, Rodrigo de Bastidas became the first European to claim part of Panama’s Caribbean coast. A year later, Christopher Columbus arrived in Panama. He explored the territories in the Western part of Panama and drew maps of the area by hand. Later, Balboa would also arrive in Panama and confirm that there was another coast of Panama. He would call the ocean that he saw the South Sea, which later became known as the Pacific Ocean.

Once it was known that there was another ocean and it could be accessed through Panama, the country began to grow as an economic force. This was good for the Spanish but proved to be devastating for the natives who had lived on Panama for thousands of years. The Spanish controlled Panama for over 300 years, during which much of the native population was wiped out. By the middle of the 18th century, Panama’s status as an economic stronghold had diminished. It was easier to take other routes to the oceans rather than going through Panama. There was also a pirate presence in the area which made it a less than popular choice for merchants to travel to and from. In 1821, Panama became part of Columbia.

One of the most important historical events in Panama was the building of the Panama Canal. Construction of the canal started in the late 1800’s but was stopped because over twenty thousand workers died from yellow fever within five years. Around this time, one of the investors on the project made a deal with the United States regarding the canal. In 1903, Panama declared itself as an independent country and separated from Columbia. The United States agreed to assist with the construction of the canal provided that they were given rights on both sides of the canal. President Theodore Roosevelt set into motion the “Panama Doctrine” which, in part, eliminated the mosquitoes which carried yellow fever and malaria. The United States was key in creating and protecting the canal which became strategically important during World War II.

Panama today continues to grow in its economic status and the quality of life for its citizens. Panama’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, and the Panama real estate market has grown as beachfront properties have become in high demand. Tourism also is growing in places such as Bocas del Toro where attractions and beaches bring in many people looking to enjoy a Panama beach vacation.

The Villa Life, Jamaica

So you’ve rented a villa for your Jamaica vacation. Now what? Well if you’ve rented a luxury, staffed villa here’s what you might expect:

Your driver will meet you at the airport in a comfortable, air-conditioned van. On the drive to your villa, he will indicate points of interest along the road and provide refreshments- if it is a long drive do not hesitate to request a stop. Upon arrival at your villa you will be greeted by your staff; they are your caretakers for the duration of your stay and you should feel completely at ease making reasonable requests of them. Get to know your head-of-house as he or she will be your primary point of contact should you have any questions about the villa and how it operates. Your cook will handle grocery shopping and meal preparation. She will prepurchase your first few meals plus pantry staples, then finish the week’s shopping after meeting with you. A typical grocery budget is US$210 per adult per week (more in some villas) … less for children. This may vary up or down depending on market prices and menus. If you wish to go to the various markets with your cook, feel free to do so. Otherwise, simply review with her your likes and dislikes and she will handle everything while you stay at the villa and relax. At some of the villa colonies, like Tryall, it is possible for your cook to charge groceries to your account, which you then settle at the end of your stay. At most of the independent villas, unless you’ve arranged for a mealplan, your cook will request money for shopping; she’ll bring you receipts and change.

The size of 4,000 sq miles makes Jamaica the third largest island in the Caribbean. The capital of Jamaica Kingston is where most activities are centered. Jamaica, today, is one of most popular travel destinations for vacationers. People around the world flock to the island for a Jamaica vacation, for its weather, culture and entertainment, or just to spend a weekend in luxury Jamaica Hotels. Jamaica is where you can enjoy the different styles of home life and you can help yourself to fruits from the trees in the countryside though the most important dinners are jerk chicken, and fish with coconut milk and spices. Almost everybody in Jamaica speaks English . Driving in Kingston is a challenge for new visitors because there are no signs. With the popularity of the Internet, a typical vacation plan to the Island of 2.7 million population starts with the search on the Web to look for perfect Jamaica Hotels and Resorts. When you know the history of Jamaica, your visit to the Island will never be the same.

The day starts while guests are still asleep. The cook quietly places pots of steaming Jamaican coffee and platters of fresh fruit outside your bedroom door or at the breakfast table. Full breakfast is served when all guests are ready. A typical breakfast may include fresh orange juice and several fruits, banana fritters or plantain, eggs, bacon, pancakes or cereal. Light lunches are usual in Jamaica, then for dinner your cook will prepare her own mix of Jamaican specialties … including delicious homemade soups and desserts, ackee and saltfish, jerk pork or chicken, shrimp or curried goat. Lobster, too, when in season … she can of course also serve traditional American fare as you request. Warning: Jamaican cooks are excellent and portions are big. Your chambermaid and laundress will care for every detail of your bedroom and bath … providing a daily supply of fresh linens and flowers and returning your neatly-folded laundry each afternoon before turning down your bed each evening. The gardener will maintain the pool and grounds immaculately each day. Larger villas are staffed by a butler who serves, tends bar and generally facilitates. Available on request are a masseuse, children’s nanny and chauffeur. At the conclusion of your stay it is customary to tip for good service. Villa staffs, like most jobs in the service industry, rely on tips as part of their overall compensation.

Recommended gratuities tend to be around 10% of the villa rental in High Season ~ 15% of the villa rental in Low Season (some villas have more specific guidelines). These percentages apply to the entire staff, not to each individual staff member. In each villa, you will find a gratuity guide advising you how tips should be distributed among your staff members based on their seniority- in some cases you can pay the entire amount to the head of house or directly to the property manager for distribution. Once you have experienced the villa lifestyle, it is only natural to be intrigued by the prospect of owning one of these extraordinary properties. Whether it is an existing villa or a home site on which to build the vacation house of your dreams Jamaica’s experienced real estate agents will help you find it.

What are the advantages to staying in a villa over a hotel? The only true privacy you get in a hotel is in your bedroom or suite. In a villa everything belongs to you ~ the pool, the sun beds, the terrace, the music, the TV ~ it is your home every minute of the day. You will only see the people you wish to see. Even your staff will become “invisible” if that is what you want, appearing only at those times you ask them to serve you. In a villa you decide everything from what you eat to the time you eat it. And yet, despite having all these major advantages, a villa vacation compares very favorably on price with a hotel.

Certain villas include temporary memberships in private clubs such as Tryall, Round Hill and Wyndham Rose Hall that offer a host of activities including golf, tennis and watersports. Those actually located within a villa colony offer the best-of-both worlds, with the complete privacy of a villa vacation and all the amenities and social opportunities of a fine resort.

Jam-boree, Jamaica’s Visitor Newspaper

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What Every Cell Phone User Should Know about Mobile Phone Unlocking

If you are a cell phone lover, chances are you are aggravated with at least one aspect of your cell phone plan. Of course we all wish something about it was better – whether it be the sound quality, roaming charges, or the amount of service was get. But what if we had the opportunity to unlock our mobile phones? We have all wanted to switch services but keep our old beloved phone. Luckily, technology has now given us the means to do so. Better yet, it’s legal!

Mobile phone unlocking is a great way for people to get the most from their cell phones. We have all tried out a service that just doesn’t provide us with enough features, yet we haven’t wanted to go through the hassle of switching phones. Fortunately, mobile phone unlocking is extremely easy and legal! Although most cell phone companies want you to believe that they put cell phone locks on their devices, it is actually false. Of course no company wants you to leave! Every bright business wants to not only keep you as a customer, but keep your monthly cash that you send to them so frequently. Therefore, you have every right and ability to unlock your phone if needed. However, some companies will try to lock it permanently, so it was crucial to stay alert.

Another benefit to mobile phone unlocking is that it could save you a lot of money in the long run. For instance, if you were an avid traveler and wanted to save money on international phone rates, you could change your service. If you kept the same service, you would be charged for roaming fees, thus leaving you with an unnecessary bill. By unlocking your cell phone, you could spend more money on other features!

The greatest part about mobile phone unlocking is that is simple to access! Surprisingly, there are cell phone unlock codes you can use to do this procedure. Many websites online offer such codes that usually are quite affordable, ranging from $5-$10. However, some phones may need more than a cell phone unlock code. For instance, if you have a certain Motorola model, a data plug may have to be used to connect to a programming unit. This will reprogram your phone and allow you to pick another service.

Although mobile phone unlocking is a great way for people to switch services, not all phones can be unlocked. The only phone companies that have this feature are AT&T;, Cingular, and T-Mobile. If you are not using a GSM company, chances are your phone has no ability to unlock. Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity to unlock your mobile phone, and you want to change services, then it is a wonderful opportunity. We now have the freedom to do what we want, when we want it. Cell phone companies are no longer holding us with these plans that cannot be changed. We finally have realized the secret and for that reason, cell phone unlock codes will always be our favorite feature.

Business Card Etiquette for International Businessmen

In a globalized world, international businessmen require more than certain skills and knowledge in their corresponding financial or commercial branch, but also the basic understanding of customer’s local culture to avoid frustration, misunderstanding and even potential embarrassment.

Whether a company or any independent professional, should research not only to get cheap international plane tickets to make the trip more affordable, but also acquiring basic facts about regional culture and etiquette, including business cards.

If you are involved in international business, then you need to keep up with your client’s country values, norms, behaviors, and even everyday facts including art, food, fashion, architecture, etc. The more you learn about your clients’ nations, the more opportunities to close successful deals. However, any solid relationship begins by recognizing the importance of learning the proper etiquette.

Business cards are usually the first thing that any customer or prospective client will get from you, so you should make sure they cause a positive impression on them. The way they perceive you from the beginning will leave a lasting impression in their memory, giving them right from the start the impression whether to create a business relationship with you.

As an example, getting cheap international plane tickets to attend a meeting abroad is fine, but your cards must reflect you are not trying to save costs. Every nation has different idiosyncrasies, but general business card etiquette encloses the guidelines to make the best impression on current and potential clients.

Becoming a successful businessman or businesswoman is easy if you simply read a little bit about customs and practices of the region where your partners, co-workers and clients live. Knowledge is generally the best guidance, pointing you in the right direction for creating international lasting business, fulfilling both intentions and expectations coming from each partner involved.

Furthermore, business card etiquette is only one aspect of great importance when it comes to international exchange of business cards, because unlike America or Canada, in other countries, business cards have very different meanings, and not only a convenient way of capturing essential personal or businesses details.

This way, business cards in the United Kingdom are relaxed and involve just a little ceremony. Keeping the cards clean and presentable, even if carried in a pocket, but in Japan, business cards are exchanged with great ceremony and they should be kept in pristine condition, given them with only one hand and always received with two hands. Whether you want to present color business cards is another consideration.

Getting cheap international plane tickets save money. Invest that money in quality cards that speak by themselves about your business, and include in them your title, university degree or any other honor, if you have any, because many countries all over the world place emphasis on status and hierarchy. Business card printing should always be done professionally.

With different approaches, business cards, whether for department stores or collection agencies, are considered as a representation of the owner, consciously or unconsciously, so make sure to apply what the proper business etiquette demands in every region where you move.

Gothic and Modern Barcelona

When you decide to visit Spain, Barcelona should be on the top of the list of the cities worth visiting. It’s the most unusual and the least Spanish city in the whole country.

Barcelona is one of the largest cities in Spain and one of the main tourist destinations. It’s also the capital of Catalonia, a province with its own language and big ambitions.

Millions of visitors Barcelona receives every year, are attracted by the original architecture and live attitude.

The conditions for tourist in the whole travel infrastructure are perfect. Barcelona has more than 300 hotels, like Madrid, but the capital of the Spain is twice as big as Barcelona.

When you think of Barcelona architectural attractions Antonio Gaudi buildings are the first things that come to mind. The best known is his unfinished structure – Sagrada Familia (the Holy Family) cathedral. This masterpiece of the architectural thought has became the symbol of the city. Its image adorns the postcards, photos and travel guides devoted to Barcelona.

Barcelona has small Gaudi museum – in Apartment and office block – La Pedrera, – also of his work. His style is unmistakable and is noted for clear, bright colors and the untraditional lines.


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Old city with almost two thousand years history, Barcelona survived its rises and falls. After Roman and later Arabian invasions, in Middle Ages Barcelona became one of the most significant cities of the Mediterranean. If you like to sink into the medieval atmosthere, you can visit the houses of the nobility, which still adorn the centre of Barcelona.

Don’t forget shopping when you come to Barcelona. Its most famous shopping street La Rambla (also called Las Ramblas) has the numerous amount of the prestigious boutiques and the small shops with the works of the local craftsmen.

Barcelona has gained its glory not only by its architecture, but by the people born in the city too. Pablo Picasso, Juan Miro, Jose Carreras, Montserrat Caballe and the above-mentioned Antonio Gaudi – are the greatest Barcelona citizens.

One of the unique attractions in Barcelona is Barcelona Aquarium. It’s the biggest aquarium in Europe with more than 300 species of the sea fauna. 80-meters tunnel goes under the huge oceanarium with sharks and the rare fishes.

Barcelona is also one of the Spanish sport centers. Its stadium “Nou Camp” (or “Camp Nou”) is considered to be one of the best stadiums in the country, and Barcelona clubs (football and basketball) are always among the leaders of the Spanish championships.

Barcelona warm climate makes the city a very popular destination for summer trips and beach holidays. The most of the beaches are situated around the Olympic Village, built in 1992 for the Olympic games. The only problem is that they are often overcrowded.

If you like to book hotel, please visit Barcelona hotels

International Adventure Travel

International adventure travel: Safaris, balloon tours, swimming with dolphins, bicycling down volcanos, trekking in the Himalayas, Walmart on Christmas Eve – the list is almost endless. This will not be a comprehensive listing of all the adventure opportunities out there. Instead, here is just enough to whet your appetite.

My Own International Adventure Travel

Long before hitchhiking across the country at sixteen-years-old, I had a taste for adventure. At fourteen, a friend and I bicycled 300 miles in a few days during one summer. At seventeen, I went international with my adventuring, hitchhiking from Michigan to half-way across Mexico. Over forty now, I no longer put out my thumb – not very often, anyhow – but I still love to travel.

More recently, my international adventure travel took me to Ecuador. While there I climbed to the furthest point from the center of the Earth. Everest is highest above sea level, but due to the Earth’s bulge at the equator, the peak of Mount Chimborazo, at 20,600 feet, is farther from from the center of our planet. The top is all snow, ice, and glaciers.

My guide didn’t speak English, and thought I was a mountaineer. I had once used an ice axe and crampons to go forty feet up a sledding hill, in Michigan. The rest of the story is on the website, but you can get information and a guide by talking to almost any hotel manager in Riobamba, Ecuador.

Go On A Jungle Book Safari

In southern Nepal, In the Royal Chitwan National Park, you can see tigers, leopards, rhinos, and sloth-bears. And where better to see them from than the back of a large elephant? The tours are lead by naturalists and park rangers. Stay in the comfortable Safari Lodge and take daily tours into the jungle.

Take A Mongolian Horseback Trek

Travel with one of the great nomadic and horse-based cultures of the world. The trips take you beyond tourist routes, and you can customize your trek to fit your schedule and budget. These tours are run from an office in Mongolia, and they provides experienced guides that are multi-lingual.

Go Rock Climbing In Rio

Want an outdoor adventure and city nightlife? Try a rock climbing tour in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You’ll find routes for all skill levels in the Sugar Loaf, Urca, Corcovado and Pedra da Gavea mountains. Tours include bilingual instructors, equipment rentals, and transportation, and start at under $100 per person.

Swim With Dolphins In The Croatian Sea

Escape from the cold this winter, to the Cres-Lošinj group of islands, which is known for it’s mild climate. Mali Lošinj on the island of Lošinj is known for its health resort, but recently, the area is becoming famous for the bottle-nosed dolphins that have made their homes in the clear and clean waters of the Cres-Lošinj group of islands. Mingle with them by boat or in your swimsuit.

Climb Mount Kinabalu

Mt. Kinabalu (4101m) is the king of the Borneo sub-continent. It rises 3000 feet higher than other mountains in the area; far above the jungle. It attracts international climbers of all skill levels, who scramble, climb and trek in its unique jungle-alpine enviroment. Kinabalu is in a world heritage site that boasts a wide variety of plants and animals. Experienced guides will take you trekking, or take you to the top.

Steve Gillman hit the road at sixteen, and traveled the U.S. and Mexico alone at 17. Now 40, he travels with his wife Ana, whom he met in Ecuador. For more on international adventure, and to read their stories, tips and travel information, visit: